Micklefield Park, Rawdon, LS19 6BE 
Horsforth Hall Park, LS18 5JE 
Golden Acre Park, LS16 8BQ 
8 Henley Crescent, Rawdon, LS19 6PA 
T: 07747 116526 
E: caroline@shapeshiftersleeds.com 

Feedback fromShapeshifters classes 

 Diane Cham, Leeds 

“Brilliant classes run by a great teacher. Exercise made fun and enjoyable. Would highly recommend. Any level of fitness and kids allowed too.” 

 Bethan Wilkin, Leeds 

"I've recently had to go back to work and as a result I can't carry on with Caroline's shapeshifter classes... and I'm genuinely gutted! My fitness had improved after just a few sessions and I remember thanking Caroline for helping me feel like myself again; I started to get shape back in my arms and legs, my tummy went down and I even ran a 10k which was a miracle considering I could never run more than 3 minutes at a time! Caroline is a fantastic PT, she tailors the class to suit individual needs and she will always ensure you're doing the exercises safely and properly. The buzz you get after the class is worth every second of hard work... and finally, smashing exercise each week helped my self confidence, fitness and mental state of mind - we used to joke it was like group therapy but it genuinely was - THANK YOU Caroline" 

 Liz Huby, Leeds 

“I have been going to Shapeshifters bootcamp classes at least once a week for a year and a half now. I am a runner and needed to incorporate strength training to enhance my running form and performance. Caroline's classes fit my brief perfectly! 
The convenience of working out at a local park and enjoying the outdoors is fantastic. The only equipment I need is a mat, the rest is just using my own body weight in very clever ways. Caroline is not afraid of working me hard and knows how much she can push me so I feel the full benefit. 
My running form has improved massively and I am consistently achieving PB's without any niggling injuries due to having that strength that I was previously lacking. I've also seen my body change shape and I'm more toned and defined than I used to be. 
Another bonus is that during the school holidays I don't have to miss out on my workouts as I can bring my children along with me. 
I wouldn't hesistate to recommend Caroline as a trainer." 

 Helen Marie Brennan, Leeds 

“Caroline's classes are absolutely fantastic. This is not to say they are easy!!! I have been going for 6 months now and am noticing real visible results, something that I had given up all hope of seeing. 
If like me you are quite shy you will find these classes welcoming and you may even find you make yourself a whole new group of friends!!” 

 Kathryn Wray, Leeds 

“Love the classes at the park - makes it even better you can take the kids with you! Both mine love to go! Means I can exercise in the school holidays! Plus helps Caroline is a fantastic teacher. Her 1 to 1 classes are amazing and I can't believe how much better I feel for going to both.” 

 Kelly-Leanne Flynn, Leeds 

“Amazing lady. Has me laughing and makes exercise really enjoyable. I would never attempt to run even before I had my son but I will keep giving it a go! Helps motivate and I look forward to the class.” 

 Catherine O'Brien, Leeds 

“I absolutely love Caroline's classes. It means I can take my son and get a brilliant work out without having to sort childcare or pay for a creche at a gym (and he gets an hour in the park too, which is a bonus!). 
Each class is different - she obviously puts lots of time into devising each session, so they're never boring, and she's great at adapting each move to accommodate injuries, ability levels and any weird pre and post pregnancy stuff. It keeps the classes interesting, challenging and actually enjoyable, unlike so many others I've attended. I can't believe how much my strength and fitness has improved from doing the classes - I'm honestly in better shape than I was 20 years ago - and the fact that Caroline has three young boys means she completely understands the challenges of fitting fitness around a hectic life. 
I can't recommend her strongly enough!” 
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